How to Self-Publish Your Book Under 25,000INR in India

As much as 1,00,000 new books are published every year in India; the number keeps increasing every year. Chetan BhagatRavinder SinghDurjoy Datta, Preeti ShenoyNikita Singh and Amish Tripathi has not only encouraged Indians to read but have also inspired them to write. The writing community is growing at an invariable pace. Well, it is certainly a good thing for India because more readers not only means more books but also more jobs, more money and more business.

Traditional Publishers have stopped looking at new writers, they are always looking for someone who is either popular or already has a marketing plan in place. Traditional Publishing continues to be the best way for publishing because a team of experts work on a nascent book and brews it to perfection but then there are self-published books, which have made it big and changed the nature of publishing for ever. Fifty Shades of Grey, The Immortals of Meluha and Everyone Has a Story are some of the self-published books, which made it big in almost no time.

Self-Published has opened new doors for authors and intellectuals. Now it is possible for people too publish a book just for fun, for professional needs, marketing needs and also for boasting purposes.

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Why Self-Publishing is so popular and what is the cost of self-publishing a book?

  • Self-Publishing can help you get your book published within a month
  • Self-Publishing provides an author with complete control on his or her project
  • Self-Publishing allows authors to focus on a particular area, which can either be content or marketing
  • Self-Publishing projects can be altered at any times. The Author is the decision maker
  • Self-Publishing can prove to be cost effective
  • Self-Publishing is a learning experience
  • Not only a learning experience but also a business opportunity

Pricing Your Self-Publishing Book in the Best Way Possible

The Cost of Self-Publishing a Book in India?

  • The cost be can managed as per the budget and marketing needs
  • The author gets to decide the number of copies to print initially
  • The author can also go for print on demand services and be cost effective
  • Author gets to decide the MRP of the book
  • Author can keep a tab on the amount of royalty he or she earns on every copy
  • Full control over business needs of book
  • Authors can also depend upon analytics and give their books a better marketing campaign
  • self-published india

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How much does it cost to publish a book with a publisher in India?

Vanity Publishers have come up with packages that are affordable, promises ton of features, allows the authors to customize and caters to a much-needed cause. These vanity publishers have cut the time, cost, effort and have multiplied the marketing output, royalty and exposure. A complete newbie can always decide to go ahead with one of these publishers and get his or her book published and marketed. Some of the most popular Vanity Publishers in Indian market are Half Baked BeansNotion PressBlue Rose Publishers and Authors’ Ink.

The packages provided by these Vanity Publishers starts as low a 5000INR can go up to 1,25,000INR. The cheapest package promises just one Author copy while the most expensive package offers features like an Author Website, A completely optimised Facebook Page, A well-defined Marketing Campaign, a dedicated Project Manager, Promotional stuff like business cards, bookmarks, bags, mugs, badges and a lot more. The expensive packages also allows the author to host a book launch event in one of the Tier-1 cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Chandigarh and many more. In the long run, these packages are useful for people who are completely new in the publishing industry but an experienced author or blogger can decide to do these things on their own and save some good amount of money.

Cost of Self-publishing a book in india

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How Much Does it Cost to Get a Book Cover Designed for a Self-Published Book

A lot of authors decide to do a book cover on their own and most of the time they end up missing the objective of a book design. Well, the popular saying “Never judge a book by its cover” has failed long time ago, people have always been judging a book by its cover. Now that books are sold on multiple online platform, which restricts people from going through the book, it gets extremely important for authors to have a really attractive book cover supported by extremely well-written blurb at the back. With a highly appropriate and attractive cover, authors can not only grab more eyeballs but also make more sales happen. The realtion between a good book cover and sales is directly proportional and no author should skip getting a good cover just to save some money while calculating “how much it costs to get a book self-published in India”?

A well-experienced graphic designer with experience in book cover designing will charge something 2000-5000INR. A lot of interns who are really creative can do it for free as well for credits and byline but it is always advised to go with a professional because your book is not just an emotional entity but also a business opportunity for you. A graphic designer, who has worked with varied authors have garnered knowledge and input from all of them, which can prove really beneficial for you and your book design.

So the answer to how much does it cost to get a book cover designed in India is: 2000-5000INR

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How Much Does it Costs to Get a Self-Published book Printed in India?

Well, the Indian market is riddled with print on demand services but it is not always the best practice to follow because of varied reasons like delay in processing and delivering. It is always advised for self-published authors to publish books in quantity of 100. One can always come up with the number of books he or she will be needing on the launch day. The decision of number of copies to print can also be influenced by the capacity of author to sell the book on varied online websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Pustak Mandi.

Get in touch with a printer and ask him to get the books printed for you. A well-experienced printer will not only print quality books for you but will also take care of the:

  • Book Formatting
  • Book Binding
  • Book Packaging
  • Book Delivery

A well-known printer can also guide you through the varied qualities of paper and help you decide the best for you. Anything that comes in the range of GSM 75-90 is a quality paper. The printer will also guide you through the book formatting procedure, generally all these printers have a designer guy, who is efficient in photoshop and can cater to varied designing needs. The printer will obviously charge for the formatting service but will also provide you with a well formatted book in return. A book that is well-formatted not just provides a great reading experience but also assists with reading and avoiding spoilers.

The cost of formatting per page is somewhere between 10-15INR per page. I paid 12INR per page for the formatting of my self-published book.

A printer generally charges 0.35-0.50INR per page and provides high quality printing on GSM paper. I paid 35 paise per page in 2017 for printing my pocketbook. My little book had 50 pages, so I paid somewhere between 17-18INR for printing per book. For me the experience was cost-effective, satisfying and very learning. I self-published my book and learned the varied nuances of publishing intricately.

The cost of Printing: 35 paise per page.

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A self-published book with 100 pages will cost 35INR per copy

Cost of Self-publishing a book in india

How Much Does it Cost to Edit a Self-Published Book in India?

With the world’s largest English speaking population, India is in no dearth of good editors, we just lack efficiency. A lot of authors have been cheated by editors in the name of book editing but then there are editors with proven record. An author needs to do a background check, before hiring someone for editing their book. A quick run through reviews on Amazon’s page of the books edited by those editors will help you gain confidence in the editor. People generally complain a lot if the book is not properly edited or has grammatical errors.

A well-experienced and exposed editor will charge 10-20 INR per page for editing your book for 2 rounds. These editors will take their time but come up with a book that is error free and a great reading experience.  A lot of authors are editor themselves, which allows them to edit their books themselves and save like 10,000-20,000INR on books with 100 pages. Well, if you are editing your book on your own, you must try running the content through Grammarly premium because we can often overlook our mistakes or consider a grammatical error a unique writing style and end up drawing flak on the web when the book releases.

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