10 Best Countries to Outsource Software Development


In 2019, IT companies spent over $3.79 trillion also the IT expenditure is growing annually at 10%. Software development, maintenance and data centers are the most outsourced IT processes.

Powered by outsourcing, IT industry is perhaps one of the biggest and fastest growing industries. Creating millions of jobs year after year, IT ecosystem is set to leverage automation and cut repetitive jobs but then there’s new jobs popping up.

In earlier days, outsourcing was first leveraged by German automobile companies to improve their efficiency and increase their productivity. Outsourcing agencies built assembly line to increase the speed of car production, today outsourcing agencies are using technologies like AI and ML to offer quality customer support and impressive data management.

Top outsourcing agencies have leveraged latest BPO trends like tailored outsourcing and custom support, where they create services according to industry and then train their employees. Such invested approach has helped outsourcing agencies get part with the quality client’s expect.

Why outsourcing Software Development Makes Sense?

Unicorn start-ups like Skype, Klout and many other outsourced their IT development tasks to teams in India and the Philippines. Outsourcing helped such magnanimous start-ups focus on growth and marketing. By letting experts handle the tech, the start-up founders leveraged the available resources and time to create a brand reputation that is just incomparable. In coming years, these start-ups turned out to be the first preference in their respective industries.

Here are the additional benefits of outsourcing Software Development:

Industry Experts:  Hiring developers and managing them on day to day basis is a tough task and requires additional resources like office set-up and managers. With outsourcing companies can rent expertise of industry leaders and build a product that stands the test of time.

Industry experts understand the challenges better than all of us and they optimize their approach in such a way that minimizes challenges and maximizes productivity. Now that outsourcing experts are leveraging state-of-the-art technology, it is beneficial to outsource software development.

Helps you focus on Core Processes: Not every company that operates on the web is an IT company hence they do not require an in-house team to build and maintain software packages. By outsourcing software development to industry leaders and proven players, founders can save themselves enough time to focus on core processes. For example, a founder of an e-commerce platform can focus on catalog management and logistics development.

Increase efficiency and accountability: Letting proven players handle your software development cycle will ensure efficiency and also set accountability. The agencies will try their best to deliver on time and seek remuneration.

Fast processed efforts and use of smart technologies reduces the number of mistakes committed and increases the overall efficiency.

Saves Cost: Well! Cost management is the number one reason why businesses outsource process. By outsourcing processes to industry experts, organizations can leverage the best of efforts and save cost too because these employees do not seat at your office nor you are required to fulfil their pension or social security needs.

10 Best Countries to Outsource Software Development

  1. India

While 80% of outsourcing jobs originate in the United States; Africa, Middle East and Europe spends the maximum money on outsourcing. While European nations and the US are outsourcing jobs, it is India that benefits the most. With the second largest English speaking population and highly affordable labor, India is the preferred choice of almost 75% of IT companies.

The simplified norms and highly incentivized mechanism urges foreign companies to outsource processes to India. Leaders here in India have identified the breakthrough outsourcing brings and have trained employees to offer exceptional services.

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